About us

Why we love what we do

Proms and Pageants by Ceri was created from Ceri's substantial collection of beautiful dresses.  We have now been open for 6 successful years.  Ceri has been competing in Pageants for over 13 years.  She has traveled all over the world from Las Vegas to Florida and throughout Europe.

Ceridwen Elias

Ceri's attention to detail and practical experience of wearing magnificent gowns and dresses has been put to good use. She is now sharing that with all her customers in our shop.

As well as running her business she is currently studying Acting at a Glouscter University. Her love of pageants still goes today as she is the current 'Miss Galaxy Swansea'.

Rachel Excell

Rachel is the Shop Manager and Seamstress as well as being a pageant queen herself. In her youth she was a successful model.  She is also a qualified hair stylist and make up artist.  She has competed in international Pageants and has travelled abroad to many pageants.  She has been consulted by many pageant directors and contestants on Fashion choices and Evening Wear.  She has also been a mentor for many younger up and coming pageant queens.