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Guide to Buying a Prom Dress

Choose The Right Size.

Choosing the correct size of your dress is crucial. All dress manufacturers are different, a size 12 in a Mac Duggal may be a size 10 in Jovanni.  Our experienced sales assistants will guide you for the correct fit.

Try It On!

Try to arrange to put the dress on before you buy. American sizes are different and off the hanger sizes vary from dress to dress. It's almost impossible to make a dress bigger, but easy to tailor a dress smaller. Remember you are the only one of you ever made, you are completely unique and your dress may need to be altered to fit before the event.

Be Adventurous!

Try different styles and colours. A two piece dress may show your body shape better than a long flowing dress. Your skin tone will look better in some colours than others.  Our sales assistants have experience of dressing thousands of girls, making everyone look amazing.  Take their advice they have done this before.

Plan Your Purchase!

Give some time for alterations to be made, also choose your shoes to match. Changing your heel size will alter how the dress falls. If you are comfortable in 2 inch heels, but not in 6 inch heels, choose your shoes. Get the length right, there is nothing worse than being asked to dance on the big night and tripping over your dress.

Be Comfortable With Who You Are!

Be comfortable, if you feel good in the dress then you can enjoy your evening. Having it too tight to sit or move will spoil your evening. Remember you may need to dance at the Prom!

Trust Us!

Our sales assistants are there to advise you. They have sold thousands of prom dresses before. They only want you to shine and look fantastic, take their advice, believe me it's priceless.

Have Fun!

The most important part! Choosing a dress is fun ask your friend to come with you.  Bring your parent, they will be proud of the way you look.  Enjoy yourself, this will be one of the best times of your life.  Make the dress yours.

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